• Velvet Dress Red Front
    • New


    109.00 $

    Timeless red maxi dress with a deep cut showing legs.
    Sewed of high quality cotton velvet which makes it elegant and dignified.
    The dress does not limit movements and adapts to every kind of silhouette.
    The top part of the dress is loose, sleeves are gently puffed and ended with cuffs.
    Subtle crease at waist have an ornamental function.
    This model of dress is suitable both for special occasions and everyday stylings.

    Production input: Limited Edition to 30 pieces

    Current order processing time: within 2 to 4 working days

  • Black Kimono Dress
    • New


    105.00 $

    Dress made of fleshy black viscose. It is characterized by a loose cut, has pockets, strap and wide sleeves, which are finished with a wide cuff fastened with decorative buttons. A kimono-cut dress has many uses. It can be styled both in casual and evening outfits. The dress can also be used as an outer garment in spring or summer. Made in Poland. 

    Production input: Limited Edition to 50 pieces

    Current order processing time: within 4 to 7 working days